Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera Rig
Light, compact & ergonomic high precision rig for the blackmagic design cinema camera with integrated space for consumer Xpal XP8000* (5-19V) battery.

  • CNC milled aircraft grade aluminum.
  • 5x Arri Style Rosette.
  • 4x 3/8“ & 4x 1/4“ Unc threads for accessories.
  • support the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera EF and MFT** option for the upcoming ReWo Interchangeable Mount (PL-Mount, BNCR…).
  • 15mm rod support.
  • support for Arri or other Arri/Red Style BridgePlate with gives access to the 19mm support world.
  • to date the only rig that holds an affordable external battery within the rig.

Oh… and of course it`s made in germany!

Our other Products include wooden handles, cheese plates, hot shoe adapters, all designed to fit into these and other Arri Style Rossette systems.

*Battery street price app. 60$ inkl. Charger, various cables and adapters!